Buyer Consolidation



The Buyers Consolidation presents an attractive alternative for customers who purchase goods in a country or region from multiple suppliers. Instead of diverse LCL shipments, the single shipments are consolidated in the port of departure and thus, are shipped to destination as FCL shipments. This concept provides higher efficiency as well as cost savings.

Optimised utilisation through consolidation

We optimise the utilisation of containers as part of our consolidation services. Dedicated containers are packed and sealed for final delivery at the customer’s premises or straight to the end users with our Distribution Centre. The stowage of the container in our consolidation centre is carried out according to customer requirements and highest quality and security standards.

Consolidation services reduce costs

With our buyer’s consolidation services, you will have reliability, less cargo handling and fewer units to handle at your end destination. Buyer’s consolidation services give you reduced costs and environmental savings and offer full transparency in a more simplified manner compared to multiple LCL shipments.

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