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When time is essential for your cargo, ESL Air Freight services are the your best option as we offer numerous daily worldwide departures.

Transporting airfreight cargo involves much more of course, than just moving cargo from A to B. ESL has a team of experts to smoothly and efficiently navigate any/all requirements related to customs clearance, security, compliance and regulations. This way, you can have maximum confidence in/ be confident of avoiding any untimely delays, potential fines and penalties. Send your cargo with ESL and rest assured that it will arrive safely and quickly. Additionally our proactive customer service staff will work closely with Air Carriers to keep your shipment on schedule and provide you with timely updates about the status of your cargo.

No matter the size, type and frequency of cargo, we have a service that meets your needs. Our airfreight services include:

ESL Consolidation and Direct-to-Consignee Service
ESL Door-to-Door Service
ESL Airport-to-Airport Service


Core Airlines 

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